World Congress on Mind Training for Excellence in Sport & Life.

It was a great opportunity for me to meet interesting speakers would impart their knowledge and experience of sport and life at the most awaited 8th World Congress on Mind Training for Excellence in Sport & Life held at Gävle in Sweden on June 12, 2019.

Staged by WCE Congress in collaboration with Center for Excellence Training, ISMTE, University of Gävle and Scandinavian International University, and hosted by the WCE Congress in Gävle, the event was attended by over 200 professionals and students from several parts of the region.

The events focused mainly to increase the science-based knowledge among the participants with applications, methods, and techniques, that would increase the delegates “competence “ The presenters were speakers from the academic field as well as professionals, working to improve their own and others Life towards Excellence. The presenters are known all over the world while others have a more national and local reputation. As there are many ways for personal, team and organizational development towards excellence, the event focus to gather expertise and share the knowledge among with participants.

Opening the event, WCE Congress at Gävle University had generated a large turnout of professional, students and more than 80 experts from 30 different countries. These specialists discussed and participated in various ways to Excellence in Sport, Life, Business, and Health, etc. Besides mental training methods like coaching, mindfulness, yoga, NLP, etc. were part of the event was covered. Mental states like hypnosis, the healing sleep, lucid dreaming, etc. and findings from positive psychology were interesting topics that were covered at the event. Due to the many parallel sessions, people had a choice to attend the sessions that fit their personal and professional interests.

The evening also included some lively discussion on several topics like “Learning to use the seven Mind Training techniques”, with some exciting and innovative ideas voiced around the room.

As with all such events, the evening culminated with some great networking and lively discussions, fueled by some delicious food.

Thanks again to everyone that attended this successful and enjoyable event at WCE Congress. It was great to have a thoughtful and exciting discussion with people from various walks of life.

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